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  1. Last Breath Peter H.Ermes 8:05
  2. This Is The End, Part I (Remastered) Peter H.Ermes 4:11
  3. Wartime Peter H.Ermes 5:31
  4. Ratline Peter H.Ermes 5:34
  5. This Is The End, Part II (Remastered) Peter H.Ermes 5:58
  6. Don't Stop The Flight Peter H.Ermes 10:13
  7. This Is The End, Part III (Remastered) Peter H.Ermes 7:28

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There is a project. There is a vision.
The world requires attention and action to protect its integrity. The indifference of the governments and citizens of the world compromises the existence of humanity and all living beings day after day, on our unique and fragile world.

I have no masters. I have no laws to follow. I place no limits on my thoughts. I open my eyes and observe the injustices of the world. I would like to be anywhere, anytime, but I’m just a man who thinks he still has hope.

I compose, play and sing only what I live. And I live only to compose, play and sing. Living and fucking the mental and historical barriers of our existence.


Peter.H.Ermes (c) 2022 – email info@peterhermesofficial.com